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crear nuevos productos

Crear nuevos productos a partir de las reseñas de Amazon

Existen 5 técnicas para crear inventos diferentes que pueden traducirse en oportunidades de negocio. La información pública en Amazon, a través de las reseñas, es una de las principales fuentes de inspiración para crear nuevos productos con altas posibilidades de éxito. ¿Quieres saber cómo llegar a las mejores conclusiones?

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inventar productos del futuro que no existen

Técnicas para inventar productos del futuro que no existen.

En un mercado tan efervescente y lleno de competidores, marcar la diferencia con productos del futuro que no existen en el mercado, es un auténtico reto. A medida que pasa el tiempo, se democratiza el comercio online y maximizan las oportunidades de venta en plataformas e-commerce y marketplace, competir con productos novedosos que no existan, es cada vez más complejo.

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ciclo de vida de productos

Product life cycle | Examples of life cycle

The product life cycle consists of 5 stages, which include everything from the conception of the idea to the product's decline cycle. Identifying each of the stages in time is essential to formulating a strategy that maximizes opportunities for success.

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conflicto de patentes

Apple Patent Conflict. Conclusions for Inventors

The recent conflict over alleged patent violations between Apple and the medical product development laboratories, Massimo, allows us to reach 4 key conclusions useful for all inventors. If you want to know the details of the conflict and the conclusions that we at Let's Prototype have drawn, this post is for you.

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crear un producto para vender

How to create a product to sell?

Finding the right source of inspiration to create a product for sale is one of the most time-consuming aspects in the journey of entrepreneurs and inventors. If you want to learn about the most common mistakes and the sources from which successful inventors usually draw inspiration, this post is for you.

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patentes y modelos de utilidad

In Spain, fewer and worse patents are filed.

Spaniards file almost 1000 fewer patents every year than those applied for before 2017. As if that were not enough, we are 30% worse achieving satisfactory results compared to the SPTO. Do we have worse inventors or worse advisors?

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Inventos con Inteligencia Artificial

The circus of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a technological phenomenon that has coexisted with us since the 50s. Undoubtedly, today it is booming and it is a real revolution that many inventors, like you, will take great advantage of. EYE, the inclusion of artificial intelligence also has risks and you have to know them. In this post, I intend to show you that products that are based on your own intelligence can also reach success.

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ChatGPT Inventores

ChatGPT responds to INVENTORS

ChatGPT has been on everyone's lips for weeks and, to date, more than 100 million users have launched their questions to validate its "artificial" wisdom. I'm sure you already know it and have used it, so little introduction deserves. Here are some questions from ChatGPT for inventors who, like you, are planning to launch an innovative product.

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2023 será el año de oro para los inventores

El gran inconveniente para inventores como tú, es el acceso a la financiación privada para dar los primeros pasos.

Las puertas de los principales foros de inversión y eventos para emprendedores han estado muy cerradas para proyectos emprendedores con productos hardware (productos físicos).

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3D printing techniques

 3D printing techniques. Rapid prototyping manufacturing.

3D printing is a technique increasingly used in the manufacturing process of functional prototypes. As we already know, the speed of execution and the number of iterations are the most critical arguments to achieve a successful product. In this post, we explain what are the 3D printing techniques that we use every day in Let's Prototype.

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fabrica de inventos

Visit our invention factory

Public institutions, inventors and entrepreneurs in Madrid select our invention factory as the standard when it comes to the manufacturing of prototypes and innovative products.

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Estudio de antecedentes de patentes

How can I know if I can patent my idea without spending any money?

If you’re an inventor, a real one… you likely have gone through a moment of extreme uncertainty while doing searches to determine whether your idea already exists or not. From now on, you’ll experience this moment very differently. Step Nº 2 of Lean Prototyping will show you the path to reinforce your invention and determine its feasibility.

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Lean Prototyping method

Inventors also have a method. Lean Prototyping.

“…the idea is my thing, but I’m new at this …” Without a doubt, this was the most common phrase among the inventors with whom we’ve spoken in the last 24 months. That we should roll up our sleeves to finally develop a clear method that guides inventors throughout the entire process. From the idea to the working product that is feasible for the market.

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financiación para prototipos

Who finances my prototype?

You have a great idea, but… now what? I hate to tell you this but, after the great idea, investors or major brands will not be lining up at the door to your home or office, clamoring to pay for your invention. If they’ve given you the typical “patent and get rich” pitch, that’s not the real world.

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prototipos funcionales

Manufacturing of working prototypes on TV

Turning ideas, patents and concepts into working prototypes is one of the major challenges faced by inventors and the innovation departments of consolidated companies. We discuss this on TVE thanks to the directors of the program Emprende TVE.

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Inventions that changed the world (Part 1)

The human race has succeeded in evolving in never-before-seen ways thanks to their mental capacity, which allows them to invent, imagine, learn and convey knowledge, including abstract knowledge, and relate with others intelligently. Not all humans, of course, but definitely the majority of them.

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Diferencias entre Modelo de Utilidad y Patentes

Differences between a Utility Model and a Patent

What’s the difference between a utility model and a patent? Does it really protect my model to be the only one with the right to exploit it commercially? Discover the main differences between a utility model and a patent through four questions which we will answer by drawing upon the Law, our experience and, as always, common sense.

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prototipos electrónicos

Methodology for manufacturing electronic prototypes

Does your prototype require electronic elements? If so, the short-term goal is not to get the best price for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) like hotcakes. It is essential to have iteration capability in circuits and component selection. This way, we will not only end up with electronic prototypes that work, but we’ll ensure that they are feasible in the immediate future.

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cuando patentar un invento

When should I patent my invention?

Patenting an idea prematurely is one of the most frequent errors committed by inventors. In this post, we will not provide you with answers, we’ll just change the questions so that you can figure out the right answers using your own common sense.

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