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Guía de ejemplos de prototipos de productos

Examples of Mechanical Prototypes.

The inventions manufactured in Let's Prototype usually integrate different engineering disciplines. Even so, we define the categories of inventions based on where the most critical points lie.

Mechanical prototypes can carry electronics, artificial intelligence, integrate IOT solutions, but, as a common denominator, they will have a high level of complexity in the design.

Case 01. Step without leg to attach in home and office furniture.

Access to the aerial furniture of kitchens or other home or office environments is usually a problem for the "not so tall". In the same way, we have less and less space available in our homes and offices, so making the most of the space in height, becomes a priority. Many times we do not take advantage of it, because of how difficult it would be to access these aerial furniture.

The invention consists of a structure that is integrated into furniture already democratized in the market. The prototype, as can be seen in the patent, works and integrates into the furniture with mechanical elements available on the market.

The industrial design team of Let's Prototype has achieved a functional prototype that is easily integrated into the furniture available on the market. Users only have to open or close a drawer so that, in two steps and without extraordinary efforts, a prototype of a staircase, aesthetic and minimalist, can be obtained to access the airspaces.

Patented invention US2023/0142882

Case 02. Bag with umbrella

The bag is one of the fashion accessories most appreciated by women. In rainy situations, carrying it, covering from the rain and without doubt, manipulating the mobile, are actions that are carried out simultaneously.

The invention consists of a bag that includes a mechanical system of portability and deployment of an umbrella that allows to unify the bag and the umbrella in the same product.

During the process of industrial design and manufacture of the prototype, maintaining the balance between the functionality of the prototype and the necessary aesthetics, being a fashion accessory, has been a great challenge.

Invention protected with Utility Model. NO. 282 131U

Case 03. Ladder with legs to integrate into furniture of houses and offices

In order to facilitate access to aerial furniture in kitchens and other environments of homes and offices, a functional prototype has been developed whose fundamental requirements were to achieve a system of steps that could be folded or deployed with two steps and mechanical movements that did not involve a great effort to users. Getting the prototype to be stored in a drawer with a height of less than 10 cm was a real challenge.

Both the identification of regulations that affect the prototype, and the study of the standards to obtain a checklist that will affect the design of a functional prototype that also complies with the standards, has represented a real challenge.

In the design process of the prototype, the analysis of materials, structure and all the necessary details were taken into account to achieve a robust yet aesthetic prototype.

Invention patented in the United States US2023/0141156A1

Case 04. Electric Vehicle Charging Cable Collector Device

In order to avoid the risks of deterioration and breakdowns in the charging cables useful for electric vehicles, a functional prototype has been manufactured that includes a retractable, ergonomic system that allows users to carry their charging system comfortably in the trunk and put the vehicles in a charging situation.

A mechanical, portable, compact prototype with a minimalist design has been achieved that corresponds to the line of design and aesthetics of the most modern and futuristic vehicles. 

Invention protected with Utility Model in Spain. Application ES1289374U

Case 05. Toilet drive system

Mechanical toilet drive system that, thanks to its use, allows users to activate the flushing mechanism of toilet cisterns by means of a pedal, thus preventing users from having to manipulate sanitary tools. This functional prototype allows to maximize the hygiene of public bathrooms, of shops while pursuing as an objective, to reduce cleaning costs in these environments.

The challenge of this mechanical invention was to integrate, without transforming too much the toilet flushing systems democratized in the market, a mechanism that would allow the flushing system to be operated from an external, ergonomic pedal, which would involve the minimum of works while guaranteeing its mechanical resistance.

Invention protected with Utility Model in Spain. Application ES1289374U

Case 06. Pacifier with Vertical Drop.

Currently, in general, pacifiers are designed in a way that allows babies to suck or suck the nipple, in addition to being perfectly coupled over a baby's mouth. However, it happens that when a pacifier falls to the floor, the teat is in contact with the ground, so it is necessary to wash and even sterilize it to protect babies from possible infections. On the other hand, in general, they do not have the means to protect the teat or hide it when it is not in use, in addition to lacking means that allow a quick location of it even during the night.

The object of the present invention is to overcome the drawbacks pointed out, above all, the contact of the teat with the ground. In Let's Prototype we have designed a functional prototype that avoids the contact of the teat with the ground, regardless of the height from which the pacifier falls.

Invention protected with Utility Model in Spain. Application ES201831231

Examples of Medical Prototypes

Medical prototypes require a high level of specialization, especially since the regulations affecting the development of new medical products are very strict. In Let's Prototype we have been materializing inventions for the health sector for more than a decade, ranging from software platforms to physical gadgets that they pursue as an objective; Improve procedures, transfer efficiency to hospital processes and, of course, improve patient safety and care.

Although we do not despise the high level of complexity and dedication required to manufacture any invention, the truth is that the medical prototypes developed in our invention manufacturing laboratory have been a great challenge.

Our experience working hand in hand with innovation teams of hospitals, medical research teams and large distribution companies of medical products, has been very useful to lay the foundations, procedures and ISO quality certifications to become the invention factory of the health sector, leader in Spain.

Case 01. Nuerobia Research. Prototype for patient rehabilitation.

It is no secret to anyone that stroke is a phenomenon that has become a silent epidemic for our society, 15 million people suffer from it every year. The sequelae of Acquired Brain Injury focus on mobility, language and cognitive abilities. In all cases, the main treatment is rehabilitation.

Another phenomenon more than known to all, is the difficult access to personalized rehabilitation and with sufficient intensity so that stroke patients can recover their abilities. For this reason, Let's Prototype has worked hand in hand with a team of researchers from around the world in the creation of a method, based on a mathematical model, as well as products related to the Neurobia Research solution.

Neurobia Research is a platform based on a software solution, as well as a group of sensors and electronic devices that aim to bring rehabilitation to the patients' homes, also allowing the monitoring of the rehabilitation process by professionals in the health sector, without doctors or patients having to travel.

The present example of a medical prototype has involved the development of:

  • Mathematical models to digitize the diagnostic process, through exercises performed by patients in front of a sensor capable of capturing the movements of the individual.
  • Calibration of electronic sensors capable of capturing the patient's voice and training them in the process of improving their language.
  • Development of video games for health with customizable levels of complexity by medical teams.
  • Integration of electronic sensors that make up the Neurobia Research device circuit.
  • Development of a telemedicine platform, capable of processing and accumulating patient data for the correct diagnosis by health professionals.
  • Design and manufacture of mechanical products to facilitate the installation of electronic sensors in patients' homes.

The present example of a prototype for health, has been a clear boost to the learning curve of the Let's Prototype team in terms of software development, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Models, 3d design, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics to achieve a medical IOT prototype very close to the final product.

Medical Prototype Video

In addition to participating in the design and manufacture of this medical prototype, the Let's Prototype team has facilitated through its network of private investors, BusinessInFact S.A, the financing to address part of the development of the prototype.

Financing of the Medical Prototype


Case 02. Container for infectious waste. Medical Prototype -Sustainable

The medical prototype consists of a container whose purpose is the safe collection of medical waste, usually needles, syringes and infectious material in general. Surely you have seen in health and nursing centers, the typical yellow cubes that share the same purpose.

The challenges of this medical prototype example are summarized in:

  • To obtain a cube that would allow the insertion of the infectious content easily and safely. 
  • Convert the sanitary container into a recyclable prototype, so that it should allow the disinfection of the interior material of the container in an autoclave without deforming the structure of the prototype. 
  • To achieve a mechanical system that would allow the container to be emptied and secured again, simply and quickly, without sacrificing the safety of traditional containers.

Invention protected with International Patent: EP4151243A1.

Examples of IOT prototypes

IOT (Internet of Things) prototypes are technological, physical products with which we usually interact in different processes and, as a singular feature, they allow the collection of relevant data and send them to the cloud so that we can later process them and obtain relevant information remotely.

The proliferation of IOT technology has accelerated the development of prototypes that make us obtain more information from the processes and therefore, be more efficient. Here are some examples of IOT prototypes manufactured in our invention manufacturing lab.

Case 01. IOT lamps.

The situation of reduced mobility that we all suffered in the pandemic stage, was one of the most important drivers in the promotion of IoT solutions. In our IOT invention manufacturing laboratory, we develop more than a dozen IOT prototypes at this stage. Undoubtedly, Luzea was one of the most complete projects of this period.

Luzea is a solution that allows devotees to pay tribute to their religious icons through candles that can be managed and monitored from a mobile app from any geographical point in the world.

In a very important number of churches, including some in the Vatican, physical lamps have been included, which are especially related to the design of the characteristic interiors of churches. From the mobile app, from any geographical point, users can light the candles and see them in real time.

Case 02. Corner Pennant with Camera

In order to achieve increasingly immersive sports broadcasts for viewers, an invention has been developed whose objective or challenge was to include a system of manageable cameras in the corner post itself so well known in football matches. 

The IOT prototype described has been a mechanical, electronic and telecommunications challenge. The camera game in the corner pennant proposes a unique vision in the transmissions of such a relevant sport in terms of number of users.

The evolution of the functional prototype has been released in the last final match of the Copa del Rey, played between Real Madrid and CA Osasuna. 

Watch video of the Royal Spanish Football Federation

Invento protegido con Modelo de Utilidad en España. Solicitud ES202032221

Case 03. Device for detecting dirt on membranes. Grupo Acciona Agua S.A

It is a functional prototype capable of detecting the levels of dirt that pose a risk to reverse osmosis membranes. The IOT prototype is installed in the hydraulic ducts so that the water that feeds such membranes circulates.

The IOT prototype manufactured by Let's Prototype for Grupo Acciona, has the ability to monitor dirt levels remotely, while being able to emit digital signals to activate cleaning systems that protect membranes, which are very expensive elements.

Invention with International Patent: WO 2016/181000 A1

Case 04. Humidor humidity control device

The preservation of cigars or cigars/Havanas depends mainly on the relative humidity of the containers in which they are stored, both in large and small quantities. For users, it is inconvenient to have to check the humidity inside the container every day to confirm if the humidity is within the recommended range. 

The IOT Humidor Controller device is capable of automatically reading the daily relative humidity, comparing it with the humidity parameters defined by the user, and in case it is outside of those parameters, it sends an SMS alert to the user.

The compression of the electronic system to avoid occupying spaces in the storage containers or humidors, as well as maximizing the battery life to more than 18 months of uninterrupted use, have been key challenges of the project.

Case 05. IoT security device for hikers.

It is an IoT device capable of identifying accidents that hikers may experience through an integrated mathematical model, immediately sending messages to emergency systems.

The main challenge of the IoT prototype has been related to telecommunications, custom electronics design, as well as the overall product design to achieve a robust and effective IoT prototype.

Case 06. Let's - Wearable Device

We already have our own custom Wearable device. Our Let's Wearable bracelet includes a wide range of capabilities, and the best part is that we can adapt it to your project in record time.

Our Let's Wearable includes (GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate Monitor, Radio, Microphone, Speaker, among other features) that will allow us to reach your prototype more quickly and accurately than any competitor.

The Let's Wearable has been tested with mathematical models for different sports, and in all cases, it has shown a high level of stability in its operation.


Examples of Electronic Prototypes

Although the ability to manufacture electronic prototypes affects or intervenes in the development of inventions of different categories, we have selected a couple of examples of patented electronic prototypes that are representative. In our invention manufacturing laboratory, we can design custom PCBs, we will study to locate the electronic components that best fit your needs and at the same time have sufficient availability in the market.

It is critical to make a technical study but also with market and economic criteria before considering the manufacture of an electronic prototype. At Let's Prototype we have real experts in this field.

Case 01. Kumby's - Electronic headphones for winter.

While it is true that headphones with Bluetooth technology are democratized in the market and have had great acceptance, the use of this type of devices in areas of harsh winter becomes somewhat complicated since it is necessary to use cold protective accessories, such as earmuffs.

Precisely, Kumbys is an example of electronic prototype with evolutionary innovation, since it improves the earmuffs, seen as a winter complement and the bluetooth headphones themselves with their corresponding functions, creating a technological prototype that works the best functional requirements of each product.

The Kumbys electronic prototype, designed and manufactured in Let's Prototype's rapid prototyping laboratories, is a headset that simultaneously covers the ears from the cold in winter conditions.

Thanks to the minimalist design of the product achieved by the industrial design team of Let's Prototype, the product has obtained two titles of Utility Model in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Utility Model. Application No. 202132291 202132291 
  • Utility Model. Application No. 202132291 202132290 

Case 02. Fuel flowmeter

Surely at some point you have had suspicion of having served in your car less fuel than the one marked by the dispensing station. Faced with such a recurring suspicion, the team of inventors has proposed and patented a prototype consisting of a portable flowmeter that can be carried in the glove compartment of any vehicle and that has the ability to adapt to any service mouth.

The prototype has the ability to display on screen the number of liters that has actually been dispensed in the vehicle, so that drivers can be certain about the amount of fuel it has dispensed. 

Invention protected with International Patent. No. WO2022/129671A1

Examples of Smart Agriculture prototypes

Agriculture is one of the sectors with the greatest technological evolution in recent years. The democratization of artificial intelligence and IoT elements have come to optimize the effort of farmers as well as water resources that are so scarce. The learning accumulated over years about the early detection of possible pests, the optimization of irrigation and the need to grow crops in urban spaces, are some of the benefits derived from the prototypes that facilitate smart agriculture.

Case 01. Harvey

Harvey is an example of a prototype of smart agriculture that allows the development of aeroponics techniques efficiently. It is an intelligently controlled environment that allows plants to grow without soil, through a directed sprinkler system with an aqueous solution of nutrients.

The prototype consists of a hermetic piece of furniture, with agroclimatic conditions that can be controlled from a mobile app or a screen integrated in the prototype, which allows to obtain the ideal conditions to achieve an efficient growth of the plants that are cultivated, without soil, inside.

Case 02. Glucometer

The prototype is capable of analyzing organic substances from crop sap and fruit. The invention manufactured by Let's Prototype, is being a fundamental tool in the framework of a research in full process of development. 

The objective of the research that is being developed around this prototype example is to obtain information that is useful to in turn define the most appropriate nutrients for each crop and in each specific circumstance that can be evidenced from such information.

The design and manufacture of the invention has involved the involvement of key disciplines of our invention factory, mainly: electronics and software prototype development.

Invention protected with Utility Model in Spain. Application ES201930288

Examples of Textile Prototypes

In Let's Prototype we have our own textile workshop, so that the industrial engineering team has the ability to develop textile prototypes, make patterns and make custom garments. Here are some examples of patented textile prototypes.

Case 01. Sandless. Portable enclosure for sandy area.patented.

For users who love the beach and hate sand, one of the most efficient solutions has emerged. The team of promoters is made up of a couple and a baby of months who will enjoy his first summer on the beach without the sand bothering him. 

In Let's Prototype, together with the industrial design team, we have an expert team in design and development of textile prototypes. The team is able to design custom textile product patterns and manufacture custom textile prototypes, as is the case with Sandless.

Sandless was launched in early 2023 and its content has reached more than 200,000 impacts in the first week of launch.

Watch video of the invention

Invention protected with Utility Model in Spain. Application ES1292885

Examples of toy prototypes

In the invention manufacturing laboratory of Let's Prototype, we have participated in the development of several prototypes of toys. In most cases, innovation derives from the interaction of electronic components, capturing user behavior data during the game, to edit the dynamics of the prototype itself, as well as the inclusion of artificial intelligence so that toy prototypes acquire the ability to modify their level of complexity and improve the user experience.

Case 01. Mobile Doorman

The Mobile Doorman is an example of a toy prototype that has required the involvement of the departments of industrial design, mechanical engineering and the development area of electronic prototypes of our invention factory.

It is a prototype toy that can be easily transported, allowing children to improve their accuracy in football. Although it is a toy and is intended as such, there is no doubt that it is an invention that could be used perfectly as a gadget or sports training device.

The system allows movement in 2 planes, movements that are conditioned by a logic that has been developed by the inventor together with our team of manufacture of electronic inventions and manufacture of custom machines.

Invention protected with Utility Model in Spain. Application ES202032179

Examples of prototypes manufactured in Let's Prototype.

We turn ideas, patents and inventions that remain on paper into functional prototypes with high probabilities of success.

We manufacture prototypes of high quality level. The integration of various disciplines in our invention manufacturing laboratory has allowed us to complete a catalog of more than 200 functional prototypes with the appearance of a final product.

Here are some representative prototypes of what we do in our invention factory.