We manage patents for inventions

What are invention patents useful for?

If you become the owner of a patent, you can commercially exploit the invention exclusively. As you read it, invention patents allow you to be the only one authorized to exploit your idea.

Invention patents allow you to develop multiple business models around your invention. You can sell your products directly, ally with potential industrial partners or charge for the right to exploit your patent.

It can be said louder, but not clearer: Patents on inventions are NOT enough to capture the interest of investors and industrial partners. It is key that the patent is accompanied at all times by a your working prototype with the appearance of a final product. Filing your invention with only the patent is a waste of time and money.

Let's talk about your invention

 Enemy No. 1 of the fine print. Do not throw away your money, patent only if necessary. 

"We patent inventions with you"

We work with you to patent your invention

patentes de inventos


We will analyze and document your idea for free. Also, if you let us, we will give you our vision as business consultants.

estudios de viabilidad de inventos


We identify patents similar to your invention or teach you how to do it for free.

documentos patentes de inventos


We will prepare together with you the necessary documents to patent your invention. We will select the form that best suits your case.

patentes - patentes de inventos


We present and monitor the entire process, until you get your patent. We will accompany you at all times.

Shall we comment on your invention?

Our business is not to patent your invention, it is to make it a reality

Registering patents on inventions has become big business. But it's not ours. In Let's Prototype you will find an ally to turn your idea into a profitable business.

Capabilities to manage invention patents

Analysis of inventions

An expert in business development will analyze your idea. 

The team of engineers will study the technical feasibility of your invention. 

We will study the method of legal protection that best suits your invention. 

We will send you a closed quote to patent your invention.

Background study

Our team of experts will be responsible for locating and studying similar patents. In case you want to carry out this process, we will give you a manual so you can do it yourself. In this way, managing invention patents will be much more agile and cheaper for you.  

The location of patents of inventions that could affect your project, will be done through three fundamental methods:

Method A – Semantic study.

Method B – International Patent Classification Codes. 

Method C – Study of headlines

Patent Documentation

Taking as reference the analysis of our engineering team, as well as the main conclusions of the manufacturing process of the your working prototype, we will write the necessary documentation to formally file your patent application. It is relevant not to skip any steps. If there is no working prototype, we can hardly obtain an effective patent.

Presentation and follow-up

The difficult part will already be done, in this section we will take care of the administrative procedures to file your patent. We will take into account every detail so that it is broad while precise and can really meet your expectations and business needs. 

If necessary, our team will respond to possible requests for information that may be made by the corresponding Patent and Trademark Office.  

Frequently asked questions

The patent is a title, as if it were a property, that accredits the inventor as the owner of this invention. This ownership is what prevents other people or companies from having the right to commercialize the invention that has been patented. Inventor, it is important that you know that you will have these rights for a limited time.

While it is true that owning patents on inventions can leave you somewhat calm, it is also true that it has some associated risks. If you take a look at the official information, you can identify that, in the description of your patented invention, sufficient information must be provided for an expert to execute it. This, of course, reveals relevant secrets about your invention or product.

That's right! When you get the patent for your invention, you will have a period of approximately 3 years to exploit the patent. Of course, it can be marketed by you or through a company or person to whom you give these rights. EYE, that's why it is so important before protecting your invention, have a prototype, otherwise, you will have to manufacture your working prototype and seek financing against the clock.

This is the fundamental point of patents on inventions. The claims are the differential characteristics of your product. When analyzing your competitors' patents, you should pay special attention to these arguments. In Prototecnica, we tabulate these characteristics and thus find "gaps" or opportunities to innovate in the prototype.

Like any administrative procedure, there are very well defined deadlines and steps. The good news is that they are all public, so we will have the opportunity to do it ourselves if we think we are capable. The average time is usually between 12 and 36 months. More than the time that elapses from the time it is filed until the patent is obtained for an invention, I recommend you pay the greatest attention to the process of background study and prototyping. These stages are the key to the process.

Methods for protecting inventions

Patents are not the only method or tool available to you to protect your inventions. It is true that it is the most complete tool, as well as the most complex and expensive. The truth is that the methods of protection of inventions are neither better nor worse, they are or are not adequate for each case.


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