What is CE Marking?

The CE Marking is the certificate or declaration by which the manufacturer of a machine and other regulated product, states that the invention complies with all the requirements regulated by the competent authorities.

At Let's Prototype we can: 

  • Identify the regulations that affect your invention or prototype.
  • Design and manufacture prototypes in accordance with the CE regulations that affect you.
  • Adjust prototypes to comply with CE regulations.
  • Locate laboratories to perform CE Making

What products are required to comply with the CE Marking?

Just because your product isn't listed, doesn't mean it doesn't require the CE Marking. We can help you identify the standard that applies to you.

  1. Juguetes. Normativa CE 88/378/CEE y 2009/48/CE
  2. Productos de construcción. Marcado CE UE 305/2011
  3. Equipos de protección Individual. Marcado CE UE 2016/425
  4. Productos Sanitarios. Marcado CE 93/42/CEE
  5. Calderas. Marcado CE 92/42/CEE
  6. Explosivos de uso civil. Marcado CE 2014/28/UE
  7. Productos Sanitarios Implantables Activos. Marcado CE 90/385/CEE+
  8. Embarcaciones de recreo. Marcado CE 2013/53/UE
  9. Ascensores. Marcado CE 2014/33/UE
  10. Equipos a presión. Marcado CE 2014/68/UE
  11. Productos Sanitarios para diagnósticos in vitro. Marcado CE 98/79/CE
  12. Equipos radioeléctricos y equipos terminales de comunicación. Marcado CE 2014/53/UE
  13. Instalaciones de transporte de personas por cable. Marcado CE 2000/9/CE
  14. Instrumentos a medida. Marcado CE 2006/42/CE
  15. Dispositivos eléctricos y electrónicos. Marcado CE 2014/30/UE
  16. Máquinas. Marcado CE 2006/42/CE
  17. Baja Tensión. Marcado CE 2014/35/UE
  18. Artículos pirotécnicos. Marcado CE 2007/23/CE y 2013/29/UE
  19. Instrumentos de pesaje. Marcado CE 2014/31/UE
  20. Recipientes a presión simple. Marcado CE 2014/29/UE
  21. Aparatos de gas. Marcado CE 2016/426
  22. Productos de Importación. Marcado CE
Do you have an idea and do not know that CE Marking applies to it?. We can study, design and manufacture a prototype that complies with current CE standards.

Method to certify your invention with the CE Marking

1. Identification of the standard

Analysis of the invention, idea or concept. Identification of CE regulations and related standards. Purchase of CE regulations Preliminary assessment Drafting of a list of mandatory requirements List of examinations related to the applicable CE standard

2. Prototype or design settings

Preliminary compliance study. Drafting of corrective measures. Proposals for adequacy. Redesign of the Invention CE Exam Preparation

3. Laboratory tests

Laboratory selection and appointment reservation. Prototyping for exams. Adjustments needed after preliminary examinations. Preparation of technical documentation.

4. Review of the CE certificate

Comprehensive advice until obtaining the certificate. Preparation of guide for the proper use of the CE certificate.

CE Marking Information

The CE marking summarizes the mandatory regulations with which most products must comply in order to be marketed in the countries that are part of the European Community.

The CE certificate is issued by bodies and laboratories certified by AENOR. The process consists of the identification of standards that regulate the products and the application of tests and trials that make up the applicable regulations. The standards include lists of applicable test types according to the category of products being certified. 

The use of CE certified components does not guarantee that the product complies with the certification. The recommended procedure is to identify the standard that affects you and submit it to the tests and experiments that are included in the standard that affects you according to your category. 

The tests or trials to obtain the CE marking are very varied, it depends on the type of product. Destructive tests to check mechanical resistance of parts and pieces, dimension checks that guarantee safety to users, radioactivity control, tests on dangerous cavities with risk of entrapment, are some of the frequent tests to obtain the CE marking. 

The testing process to achieve CE marking can take between 4 and 6 weeks. This period refers to the time of application of tests in approved laboratories. On the other hand, the times that take the longest are those linked to the identification of the standard, analysis of tests, preparation of the product and management of appointments to submit the product to the tests that affect it to obtain the CE marking. In Let's Prototype, we have achieved complete processes in 3

The price to obtain the CE marking varies, the usual costs in the laboratory range between € 3,000 and € 4,000, however, there are products that require fewer tests and the price decreases. Even so, to this price we must add the value of the consulting process, which includes the identification and study of the CE regulations that affect the product. Also, it is common for inventors to hire not only the CE certification service, but also the guarantee of necessary adjustments in the prototype to prepare it for testing. 


It is recommended that you manufacture the first prototype units in an identical way to how future manufacturing will be, regardless of whether you do it in China or other countries. The important thing is that you submit to tests units identical to those you are going to market. It is important that when you buy parts and pieces or components in China or Marketplace like Amazon, do not settle for them saying that they meet CE standards, you must ask for the certificate. Surprisingly, many products sold in Europe through these channels claim to comply with the standard, but do not have a CE certificate to prove it.

Medical products usually have their own regulations, depending on their use. Some require a very rigorous testing process that exceeds in complexity the tests normally proposed to achieve CE standards. It is important in these cases not to skip the step of studying applicable regulations, since in most products or prototypes for medical use it is not enough with the CE Marking.