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Inversor para fabricar prototipos

¿Cómo evaluará un inversor tu proyecto?

Tal y como te anunciaba la semana anterior, todo parece indicar que ha llegado el mejor momento para los inventores.
Por esta razón, me comprometí contigo a enviarte hoy, algunos detalles sobre cómo los inversores seleccionan sus oportunidades.

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2023 será el año de oro para los inventores

El gran inconveniente para inventores como tú, es el acceso a la financiación privada para dar los primeros pasos.

Las puertas de los principales foros de inversión y eventos para emprendedores han estado muy cerradas para proyectos emprendedores con productos hardware (productos físicos).

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Viabilidad del invento

It is key to study the feasibility of the invention

I know you're convinced that your invention works.

I also know that you see little interest in investing money in studying its feasibility.

Well. 70% of the inventors we work with have that blind FE because they have been fed with a couple of drawings in the patent company on duty.

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Los Modelos de Utilidad para inventores

Magic or engineering

As you know, I've been BLACK for a couple of weeks because of the number of semi-deceived customers that are coming to us.
Especially those that come with Utility Models under the arm.
The vast majority, with claims of innovation and descriptions, very little serious

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Utility Models

Utility Models that DO NOT work

This week, for the umpteenth time, I had to explain to a client why their invention is NOT viable.
I am referring to inventors who already come with their Patent or Utility Model under their arm.

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your invention?

Who is worth your invention?

99.9% of the inventors I talk to can spend hours telling me about their inventions.

While the conversation revolves about: how to get to the functions of the invention, sensors, resistors and microprocessors... it is a pleasure to listen to them and get into the GARLIC.
What is surprising, and worrying at the same time, is the funeral atmosphere that is generated by asking:

Who is worth your invention?

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Oportunidades de negocio

Ideas Written on Cocktail Napkins vs. Business Opportunities

We all come up with ideas, sometimes in a bar, others in the shower…
The truth of the matter is that we toss and turn all night going over and over it in our heads… “If it works out, I’ll be loaded.” “And if I fail…”
Starting today, it will be easier for you to differentiate between business opportunities and ideas written on a cocktail napkin.

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Tipo de Inventor

What Type of Inventor Are You?

Coming up with ideas is important, but managing them properly is essential.
Although it may sound harsh, I am convinced that the success of a new product depends just 5% on a great idea.
Please note that the other 95% depends on the decisions made during the course of the process.
Let’s do it!

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Cuanto vale tu idea

How Much Is Your Idea Worth?

Want to sell your idea? Already set a price?
Let me guess your answers:
“Yes” and “It’s negotiable.” I’d love to tell you that you’re very close to achieving it. But, as you know, I’m not very good at sweetening the truth. 🙂 Read more

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tu patente

We Sell Your Patent

Do you really believe that selling a patent is so easy?
You get what you pay for. 😳
Here are 10 tips that perhaps will help you avoid some upsetting incident.

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Patent or Prototype

Here’s the first topic… The chicken or the egg? 😁
I am referring to the big question every inventor has: What comes first, the patent or the prototype?
It’s very likely that you have no doubts: “The patent.”

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