How to patent an idea in the USA?

In such a dynamic market, where it seems that everything is invented, having a patent can represent a good business opportunity. It is true that patenting an idea in the USA does not guarantee that it is good and that, therefore, you will achieve economic success.

In case you still do not know, the patent is an exclusive right that can be offered only by the State, granting you with it the possibility of commercially exploiting an invention without others being able to copy you and use the patented invention.

To patent an idea in the USA, all procedures must be carried out before the USPTO, which is the US patent office.

What should you consider before patenting an idea in the USA? 

  1. The patent is not the only useful tool to obtain intellectual property. You will need to evaluate with a U.S. patent expert which option is best.
  2. Before filing a patent in the United States, it is key to conduct a background study. Previously published patent background studies will allow you to evaluate the real opportunities to protect your invention.

Options to patent an idea in the USA:

Plant patent: This is a method of protecting inventions related only to the agronomy sector. The plant patent protects the creation of new plant varieties that can be obtained asexually. It is a very specific type of patent and therefore, it is not the most used by inventors in Miami or Florida.

Utility patent: The utility patent is the most widely used to protect new inventions in the United States. It is used to register new machines, new items or any improvement over existing products. Most of the ideas of the inventors that we receive in Let's Prototype, precisely are related to improvements or perfections that can be introduced through existing products to improve their results.

Design patent: Design patents are valid for 15 years from the time they are applied for in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It is a patent that aims to protect the shape or appearance of a product. When the innovation proposed by an inventor on a product lies precisely in its form, the application for a design patent is recommended.

At Let's Prototoype, in addition to working with experts in patenting ideas in the USA, we can help you demonstrate that your idea works and is technically viable. We can design and manufacture the first prototype of your product to ensure that you protect the best version of your idea in the United States Patent Office.

Remember that ideas are not patentable, but you can protect the realization or materialization of that idea. For that, we can manufacture and document the first prototype.

Where to manufacture my invention in the USA?

Whether you have a patented invention, or if you have an idea that you think can be a good business opportunity, we can help you. In Let's Prototype we accompany the inventor to define his invention, we provide ideas to improve the invention as far as possible and that you can get a Patent in the USA that really assigns you the exclusive right of commercial exploitation on your Invention.

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