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The Patent and Invention Video Blog is a virtual lounge for inventors to obtain the basic information needed before making any decisions in the product launch cycle.

Entrepreneurs who decide to venture into the digital world with apps, web platforms, and any software product have thousands of options for information and training. In contrast, inventors suffer from misinformation, a situation that often leads them to take seemingly easy paths that decrease their chances of success.

From Let’s Prototype, we offer this content for free, with the sole purpose of giving back to the inventor community everything this community provides us through the inventors who decide to work with our team.

Patent to live in the Caribbean.

Inventors go through life filled with enthusiasm, eagerness, and determination. These ingredients, without the proper training and information, can turn an exciting adventure into a real drama.

Well then, if you've been told that with €3000 you'll get a Utility Model and with that you'll live in the Caribbean, or that just a Patent will make you profitable.

This site is for you!

Patent on the trail of money.

Content Guide:

There are three key points or arguments you must keep in mind before filing a patent:

Focus on defense: It is essential to choose advisors who not only have experience in obtaining patents but also in defending these patents in scenarios where the rights granted by a patent are violated.

The money trail: Patenting in a large and high-purchasing-power market also positively influences the future value of the patent.

Timing: The speed of response in the patent process is crucial, as it allows you to take advantage of the protection periods or preferential right reservation granted by PCTs.

When is the best time to sell a Patent?

Content Guide:

  • 00:00 – 01:54 – Relationship between Patent Strategy and Patent Value.
  • 01:54 – 02:58 – The big mistake of inventors.
  • 02:58 – 03:36 – Relationship between Product Lifecycle and Patent Value
  • 03:36 – 05:26 – Patents empty of content and value.
  • 05:26 – 06:37 – Business feasibility. Patent value argument.
  • 06:37 – 07:05 – The pre-series of an invention. Impact on value.
  • 07:05 – 09:10 – Product industrialization. Impact on value.
  • 09:10 – 09:12 – Monetizing a patent. The optimal timing.

How to create a product to sell?

Content Guide:

  • 00:00 – 02:08 – Needs are not created. They are identified.
  • 02:08 – 03:14 – The iPod as the best market response.
  • 02:08 – 03:14 – The iPod as the best market response.
  • 05:24 – 06:34 – How to find a new opportunity or product to sell?
  • 06:34 – 07:57 – How to innovate while improving the price of a product?
  • 07:57 – 09:30 – Create products to sell that facilitate the use of other products.
  • 09:30 – 10:51 – Two key points for you to create a new product to sell.
  • 10:51 – 12:25 – Differences between copying a product to sell and creating an innovative product to sell.


Why do advisors recommend the Utility Model?

Content Guide:

  • The role of the inventor's illusion as an enemy of the strategy.
  • Probabilities of success for Industrial Design, Utility Model, and Patents.
  • The Utility Model is profitable, but for the advisor.
  • Comparison: Patents, Industrial Design, Utility Models.

Main Business Models for Inventors.

Content Guide:

  • One of the main fears of inventors is related to the risk associated with the success of their business models. 
  • Descubre los 3 principales Modelos de Negocio que te permitirán rentabilizar tu idea o patente: 
  • Patent sale.
  •  Patent licensing.
  • Bringing the product to the industry and the market.

The PCT is not an International Patent.

Content Guide:

  • Although many inventors consider a PCT to be an International Patent, this statement or belief is not entirely true.
  • The PCT is an international agreement administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • The goal of a PCT is to simplify and make the patent application process more efficient in multiple countries at once. 

How much does it cost to patent in the USA?

Content Guide:

  • Contrary to what most inventors think, patenting in the United States does not have to represent an unattainable cost.
  • If we compare the advantages and disadvantages of patenting an invention in the United States, any additional cost would surely be offset.
  • Registering an invention as a patent in the United States costs between $10,000 and $20,000.
  • The final price of a patent for invention in the United States is related to the complexity of the invention, the size of the industry it targets, and above all, the clarity of the innovation claims of the product we want to protect with a patent for invention or utility patent.

Materials required for patenting.

Content Guide:

  • Content Guide: 00:00 – 01:31
  • Where should you patent first and why?
  • 01:31 – 02:37 Can I patent an invention in the United States even if I don’t live there?
  • 02:37 – 03:20 Can you internationalize a patent registered in the United States?

¿Cómo conseguir financiación para lanzar un producto? 

Content Guide:

  • Tengo una idea, pero no tengo recursos para desarrollar el invento.
  • Principales riesgos asociados al proceso de puesta en marcha de un nuevo producto.

¿Cuál es el momento adecuado para captar inversores en el proceso de lanzamiento de un producto? 

Content Guide:

  • La financiación es uno de los principales inconvenientes en el proceso de lanzamiento de un nuevo producto, sobre todo porque los inversores desconfían en una etapa muy temprana, además, por el valor tan bajo de la empresa en ese período, catar inversores, sería contraproducente. Por esta razón, te contamos los detalles asociados a la relación entre el Riesgo y la Rentabilidad Exigible para que elijas el mejor momento para asumir inversores a tu proyecto.

¿Cómo incrementar el valor del proyecto desarrollando un nuevo producto? 

Content Guide:

  • El proceso de transformación de la idea en producto y luego en un negocio rentable, pasa por etapas que influyen con mayor o menor carga en el incremento del valor del proyecto, que es, en definitiva, la prioridad en todo el proceso. Tanto si te planteas vender una patente como si pretendes lanzar un producto y explotarlo comercialmente, tendrás que atravesar estas etapas.

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