Risks of hiring a factory to manufacture your first prototype.

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99.9% of the inventors I talk to can spend hours telling me about their inventions inventos
And they throw them away. 😆
While the conversation turns on: how to get to the functions of the inventionsensors, resistors and microprocessors... it is a pleasure to listen to them and get into the GARLIC. 
What is surprising, and worrying at the same time, is the funeral atmosphere that is generated by asking:   
Who is worth your invention??
My friend, I'm sure you see it as a no-brainer. I guarantee you, it's not. 
Most Inventors, are much more concerned with getting no one to copy them than with proving whether your invention? it's worth it to someone. 
Think about it for a minute. 
How many Inventors Do you know that they spend € 1000 when they have an idea, to get some indication that shows that their idea or invention will be valued by their potential customers?
Let me guess... ZERO.
How many do you know who spend a couple of thousand euros, to obtain the famous "utility model"?
This, friend, is to start the house by the roof. 
The great idea has value, depending on the real possibilities of becoming a business. 
It is not true that big industry and patent buyers are going to knock on your door because of the "big idea" and how well written your idea is. Utility Model
That's story!
Attencion, there are dozens of companies in the market that rely on your fear to take you down a path, which ends at the starting point:
"I have a great invention but I have no investment to carry it out."
Friend, take note of these conclusions and you will alleviate the risks:
1. Miracles do not exist.
If you are not willing to invest to develop the invention, materialize it and show it, do not invest in anything. Friend, nothing is nothing, because trying to catch shortcuts will only take you to the beginning of the road but with a couple of thousand euros less. 
2. Paper is not worth a penny.
Do not pretend to go to the market to sell your idea in the form of a Utility Model. It is a dead end, you will waste your time and your money. It is true that it seems a faster and cheaper way, but in that, friend, there are no shortcuts either. 
3. The formula for success is: 100€ x 1€.
For every euro you invest in protecting your invention, invest €100 in proving that your invention is worth to someone. 
To do this, you will have to manufacture a working prototype and subject it to some commercial tests.
Next Sunday... ATTENTION! I will reveal the method we use in Prototécnica to define the requirements of an invention. 
It is a method that allows us to innovate in "product" without losing sight of the "business" opportunity »
Remember... With these tips, I don't intend to sell you anything. 
I already got into your head that you're a tough nut to crack.
Only with my commitment to support our community of inventors. Of which you, you are part.
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