Beware of Scoring an Own Goal

Hello Friend, today I will explain why manufacturing the prototype is a process that must be done in parallel or before the Utility Model or Patent.

If you want to avoid having a goal scored against you, listen up!
A couple of weeks ago, we received a client with a Wonderful idea.
Let’s call him Paco, as usual.
Paco presents a solution for the restaurant industry which, if feasible…
will be “the bomb.”
I was NOT able to send a quote to Paco to manufacture the prototype.
 Let me explain the two reasons why:
1. To make Paco's prototype work, you have to use infrequent technologies.
By uncommon, I mean that, although there are articles online confirming their existence, there is no product in the market that actually uses them.
2. We are sure that there are options for this project, but, we cannot at this point, guess what the process will be like.
Up to now, we should be on the same page regarding two premises:
1. Paco cannot be certain about his invention’s feasibility.
2. Paco’s invention requires research.
Put yourself in my shoes! I had just two options:
1. Quote an inflated budget for manufacturing the prototype.
It would have to be sufficiently inflated so as to cover my back for all possible changes and errors.
In other words: a goal….
2. Budget a technical feasibility study and an engineering project that would allow studying alternatives, testing in the laboratory and defining how to implement them at the time of manufacturing the Paco prototype.
Plainly speaking:
5,500 euros is the budget we quoted for the second option.
The first doesn’t seem honest to me, so I don’t even consider it.
Of course, this has been frustrating for Paco.
He sees the budget quoted for the study as an additional and unnecessary expense.
While we can understand Paco’s frustration, beware repeating his errors.
Stopping to research and investigate does not mean putting the brakes on your invention.
Todo lo contrario, si se requiere, los resultados de este proceso suelen ser clave para el futuro prototipo.
Justo el viernes supe de Paco, aunque no hablé con él de forma directa.
A patent agent (regular client) has asked us to quote a budget for drawing up Paco’s project, without considering whether it can be manufactured or not.
No doubt about it.
Paco has chosen the shorter and cheaper path, although I still have serious doubts about the future of his project.
Otro Utility Model que nace condenado a estar tirado en un cajón con polvo. 
What’s your opinion of this case?
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