What Type of Inventor Are You?

Hola Amigo. ¿Quieres descubrir qué tipo de inventor eres?

Coming up with ideas is important, but managing them properly is essential.
Although it may sound harsh, I am convinced that the success of a new product depends just 5% on a great idea. 
Please note that the other 95% depends on the decisions made during the course of the process.
It’s curious, but I’ve been able to define 4 inventor profiles, depending on how your ideas are managed.
WARNING! All have their positive and negative points; the key is to take the best of each profile. 
Let’s do it!
The Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Inventor
He wants nothing to do with the business; his sole concern is that no one copy his idea. 
Invest money? Absolutely not… He already came up with the idea, now let the “sharks” come and pay millions for his brilliant idea. 
They usually invest in whatever legal protection instruments may be sold to them. So… with no strategy, with no target customers, without knowing whether direct competitors exist, without taking a look at anything… The only thing that matters is being the “all-powerful” owner of the big idea. 
As a positive point, they have no end of shots of trust and confidence in their idea. 
I must confess to you that the Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Inventor deals very little with us, since they usually find defining a strategy, defining objectives prior to manufacturing a prototype and pitching the future of the project, to be a bore. 
The Rapid-fire Inventor
He tends to have over 30 ideas a month, all brilliant and substantially innovative. 
Unlike the Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Inventor, the number of shots of confidence in each idea are quite few. 
His objective is to protect; the more ideas, the better. 
His big dream is that one day, some huge company tries to do something similar to what he already came up with and protected in the past. 
As for the inventions, he earmarks lots of resources to the legal protection of his inventions, including those that, technically speaking, are IMPOSSIBLE.
The Rapid-fire Inventor is full of dreams and energy, something other inventors often lack.   
Unfortunately, the lack of focus and strategy means that things tend to backfire for him. 
The Dependent Inventor
Usually, they have devoted their whole lives to working for someone else. 
They identify the normal risks associated with kickstarting a project. Then they multiply them by one thousand.
They devote time to researching and defining strategies, writing them down in documents over 100 pages long, but they don’t dare take a step. 
They seek out the company of others: partners, allies, friends… They’re willing to give away part of the rights to their invention just for the sake of not being alone. 
They tend to take very correct steps in the process.

The main thing holding them back and their main source of problems are usually their own partners to whom they give away part of their “project.”

The Strategist Inventor
This is usually the most common profile among our clients.
They define and design clear strategies to make their ideas come to life. 
They require future information which, oftentimes, is impossible to obtain in the early stages of the project.
They identify the main risks and request information to design alternatives.
They focus on the development of an idea.
They invest in protecting their idea, as well as in manufacturing their prototype, although sometimes in the wrong order. 
Remember, they’re parallel processes.
It’s true that, on occasion, they take so long deciding to take the first steps that they arrive late to the marketplace. 
I’d love to know what type of inventor you identify with and what other profiles you’re aware of. 
I truly hope that you can take advantage of these tips.
Remember... With these tips, I don't intend to sell you anything. 
I fulfill my commitment to support our community of inventors.
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