Sex toy prototypes

The increasingly widespread acceptance of sexuality-related topics and the attention that science pays to them has led multiple private and business inventors to innovate and create products that make it possible to improve sexual health and sexuality-related experiences. At Let's Prototype, we are very familiar with regulatory compliance of the standards governing inventions related to the sex toy sector. We have experience in the treatment of optimal materials for use in intimate areas, as well as electronic sensors and components authorized for use in sex toy prototypes.

The challenges associated with sex toy prototypes, as well as media research aimed at capturing data facilitating the diagnosis of some reproductive tract-related diseases, have included:

Design and development of prototypes conceived to improve the sex act experience.

Design and development of electronic sensors of use in capturing data related to user behavior in different conditions. 

Design and development of mathematical models with the capacity to facilitate the diagnostic processes associated with patient sexual health. 

Design and development of prototypes of toys related to masturbation-based therapies. 

Design and manufacturing of sex toy prototypes, using biocompatible materials. To that end, various prototyping techniques have been used, including molding, 3D printing and the use of photosensitive resin. 

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