Services for Inventors

Inventor, you are not alone, we can accompany you in this adventure. 

  1. Design and manufacture of prototypes.
  2. Examples of Prototypes.
  3. Financing for Prototypes
  4. Software Prototypes
  5. CE Marking
  6. Industrial Design
  7. 3D Printing
  8. Feasibility Studies of inventios
  9. Industrialization of Prototypes
  10. Launch a new Invention to the market

Design and manufacture of prototypes.

Let's Prototype is an Invention Manufacturing laboratory, trained to accompany Inventors from the idea to the materialization of the product. From the utmost confidentiality and always committed to Quality, we face each initiative with enthusiasm and seriousness. We will make your dream come true, regardless of the technical complexity it may have.

The continuous development of specialties such as; Electronics, electromechanics, industrial design, computer science and robotics, place us in the market as an absolutely reliable solution to demonstrate the technical feasibility of your invention in the simplest and most replicable way possible. We do not lose sight, even for a second, the need to get a prototype that facilitates the evolution of your future business.

Diseño y fabricacion de prototipos

Prototype Examples

In Let's Prototype we have spent a decade materializing ideas, inventions and patents of inventions from very diverse sectors. This experience translates into greater ability to choose technologies that, in addition to allowing your invention to work, make economic sense.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, we present some inventions manufactured by Let's Prototype, as well as patents that have been materialized in our invention manufacturing laboratory.

Financing for Prototypes

Obtaining funding to design and manufacture functional prototypes is one of the great challenges faced by Inventors in the early stages of launching their products. We know perfectly well that neither investors nor large companies bet on dreamers. In Let's Prototype we take care of working precisely with Inventors, from its early stages, to help them achieve the first necessary milestones so that the industry, investors and the leading brands in each industry, take seriously the proposals of the inventors that are part of our network.

We can help you get financing to manufacture your prototype

Prototype financing

Software Prototype

Between the idea of inventors about an app or web, the reality of programmers and the needs of customers, there is usually a distance that threatens the development of many businesses. In Let's Prototype we are specialists materializing ideas and bridging these distances between points of view. In software prototype design and manufacturing processes, we have developed a methodology that will allow your participation in the process from the early stages, so that we avoid any possibility of discrepancy with your software.

We know what it costs to launch a new App or WEB, for this reason, we will have tools that will also allow us to learn from customer behavior in a very agile way. We will build software prototypes that allow you to demonstrate the viability of your ideas.


Ejemplo de prototipo software

CE Marking

Certifications and permits to market a product are often a critical point for Inventors. Above all, because they design and manufacture products without knowing all the details with which they must comply in order to launch a new invention to the market. In Let's Prototytpe, we have expert professionals in CE Marking and study of current regulations for the commercialization of innovative products. We can help you identify the CE standards that affect the product, adapt the prototype to compliance with the CE standard and accompany you until you get the corresponding certifications.

Industrial Design

The difference between manufacturing a functional prototype with a group of freelance freelancers or hiring an invention manufacturing laboratory is precisely the balance of criteria that will be part of the resulting invention/product. Our industrial design laboratory is based on three fundamental premises: To achieve functional prototypes that, without renouncing their main functions, are much more ergonomic, prototypes with a modern design that adjusts to the new expectations of customers while a prototype with very high possibilities of being industrialized following the same principles used for the design and manufacture of its parts and pieces.

Working on your invention with experienced professionals in the design and manufacture of prototypes, who have their own industrial design team, as is our case, will save you time and money.

servicio diseño industrial

3D Printing

3D printing is a real revolution for the world of industrial design, prototype design and functional prototype manufacturing. With 3D printing techniques, unique parts and pieces can be materialized, which in turn facilitate the natural learning cycle in the design and manufacturing process of a your working prototype.

In Let's Prototype, after a decade working in the manufacture of inventions, we have developed very special skills in 3D printing, achieving with the same pieces with results very similar to those of a final product, which translates into excellent quality for functional prototypes whose objectives are to demonstrate technical feasibility and argue business opportunities to attract financing or sell a patent.

We do not act as a copy shop where you take your 3D designs, choose a type of material and it is delivered. As an invention manufacturing laboratory, we help you build mechanisms and parts that are very close to the industrialization process and you will achieve with special simplicity the objectives you are looking for.

impresion 3d

Feasibility Studies

The technical feasibility study and basic engineering projects is a service that allows inventors to demonstrate the technical feasibility of their inventions before patenting and before manufacturing the prototype. It is a highly recommended service for prototypes that are excessively expensive due to their high level of complexity and for power generation prototypes. 

In Let's Prototype we have developed dozens of digital simulation scenarios in laboratory mathematics programs that allow us to obtain quantitative data that reaffirm or not the viability of the invention according to the parameters defined on the scenario together. 

If you need an engineering project that describes how you intend to manufacture the invention, applicable technology, designs and sketches on critical mechanisms of your invention, check the mechanical strength of materials or define suitable parts for a specific mechanism, we can also help you through digital simulations. 

estudios de viabilidad de inventos

Industrialization of Prototypes

If you need to get your product manufactured in large series, we can help you. We have collaborators linked to the industry in Spain, Portugal and China. We have experience industrializing products with metal structures, robots, electronics, products for use in the home as well as mechanical products with very particular needs in terms of the type of materials.

Whether you need a factory that industrializes your prototype at a partial level or one that rains the whole process, until the assembly and packaging of the product, we can accompany you and lend you a hand to overcome the normal differences in the industrialization process of a your working prototype.

Launch Invention to the Market

Obtaining a patent and a your working prototype with the appearance of a final product, are investments of time and money that have surely been a great effort for you as an inventor. At Let's Prototype we value these investments because we know, well, what it costs to make money and reinvest it in projects from which we expect profitability. If you have developed your working prototype with our team, we can help you in its launch.

We help you with the design of your business model, as well as with the implementation of the actions to get a buyer for your patent, the payment of Royalties or partial sale of commercial exploitation rights or to launch your product both in Europe and in the United States, where we also have physical offices.