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Industrial Design in Valencia

We offer the product design service in Valencia, as well as prototyping manufacturing of functional prototypes with the appearance of the final product. The main objective of inventing is to solve real problems in society or industry, through innovative and novel products. Precisely, that novelty and distinction, is what demands a specialized product development process, for which at Let´s Prototype, we have our own method.

Before patenting an idea, it is essential that you have a very clear idea of what the final product will be like. Even if you think you have it very clear, the process of industrial product design can substantially improve your idea. For this reason, from our product design agency, we recommend completing the industrial design of the product before registering a patent for invention, utility model, or design patent.

Examples of product designs in Valencia

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It doesn't matter what stage your idea is at. We can turn it into a functional prototype.

Industrial design goes far beyond art and aesthetics. We can help you design technically viable products with a high chance of success.

Services for inventors in Valencia

Valencia holds the third position in patent applications. Specifically, at our prototype manufacturing company, we serve over 100 inventors from Valencia each year. I invite you to discover the main services for inventors in Valencia that we have designed, considering the entire process of inventing. We start from problem analysis to mass production of an invention.

Steps to create an invention in Valencia

Steps to create an invention in Valencia

To protect an invention in Valencia, it is not enough for the product you intend to develop to not already exist; inventions must solve real problems in society or industry. The patent and trademark office in Valencia will carefully study the innovation claims, but also the extent to which the invention addresses and solves a problem.

In our industrial design agency, we will analyze the viability of the invention, existing alternatives to the product, as well as the real possibilities of improving each inventor's initiative. Remember that to create an invention with potential for success, it is crucial that the invention is technically viable but also economically viable.

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Step 2 - Documentation of the background of an invention

Taking the characteristics of the invention as a reference, we will study the global patents that may refer to or disclose any details about the innovation claims of an idea. Based on this analysis in the global patent databases, we document the real possibilities you have to protect a novel product.

Step 3 - Product Design in Valencia. Industrial Design

Combining the information documented in the invention background study with the inventor's vision of their innovation, we will subject the invention to analysis to finalize an industrial design that allows for the desired product functions. Initially, partial solutions for each function will be explored, followed by completing the product design with its corresponding engineering study.

Step 4 - Prototyping Manufacturing in Valencia

To verify the functionality of the invention and the completed industrial design from the previous stage, the manufacturing of the functional prototype will proceed. This involves creating a prototype manufactured using 3D printing techniques, as well as integrating electronic components if necessary. The prototyping manufacturing includes all the necessary adjustments for the invention to work, allowing efficient documentation of the patent intended for protection.

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Registration of Industrial Design in Valencia 

During the period from 2013 to 2023, 3308 invention patents have been registered in Valencia. This figure places the Patent and Trademark Office of Valencia as the third most important point for inventors in Spain.

If we segment the invention protection data in Valencia, only in Industrial Design, 1212 inventions with unique and innovative physical characteristics have been requested, which have been granted as Industrial Design Patents.

Registration of Utility Models in Valencia

In terms of Utility Model registrations in Valencia, 13% of this type of invention protection method has been granted, a figure that places Valencia as the third inventor ecosystem in Spain.

"The Utility Model is a very easy method of protecting inventions in Spain. Although it is one of the simplest, from our product development company in Valencia, we believe that before protecting a Utility Model, it is important to study other patent options, such as Industrial Design and Invention Patent."

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Patent Registry in Valencia.

Registering a patent for an invention in Valencia ensures you have 20 years of exclusive rights to exploit the product. In addition to the patent registration, other business opportunities arise, such as granting rights or licenses for third parties to commercially exploit the patent or selling a patent to an industry leader in the area where you have decided to innovate. 

The Patent Office of Valencia also ranks third in Spain in terms of number of patents granted in the period from 2013 to 2022, according to public patent data. Below, we show you a graph where you can see the status of Valencia in patent grants

You can protect as a Patent also the improvements you achieve in a product by proposing viable changes that result in significant enhancements. These changes or innovations are what are highlighted in the patent as innovation claims

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