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Madrid is one of the cities with the highest demand for product design services. At Let's Prototype, we have our own method for product design agency in Madrid that aims to achieve the following fundamental objectives:

  1. Create inventions in Madrid that are technically feasible.
  2. Manufacture prototypes in Madrid that are economically viable.

At the same time, we work closely with patent advisors in Madrid, with whom we define strategies so that product designers in Madrid can innovate enough for the product designs to be patentable.

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Contact our team of industrial designers in Madrid now. Poor decisions in the product creation and industrial design process can jeopardize the future of the project.

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You can visit our product design agency in Madrid. We have our own electronics laboratory.

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"Product design procedure in Madrid"

Las solicitudes de patentes en Madrid occupy the first place in number of inventors and innovation companies in Spain. For this reason, we decided to open the first industrial design company in Madrid, as well as a workshop to develop mechanical prototypes and electronic prototypes.

In our design company in Madrid, we work hand in hand with inventors, organizing weekly meetings that allow individual inventors and innovation companies to partially and fully validate each of the challenges we face in the invention development process.

If you have an idea and want to engage with a product design engineering firm in Madrid, you can contact us. We'll be delighted to learn about the details of your invention. Of course, we'll provide a confidentiality agreement before proceeding.

Let's talk about your invention in Madrid.

Steps to design products in Madrid:

  1. Signing the confidentiality agreement: We commit to keeping the information about the invention confidential. The agreement does not obligate the inventor to hire the product design services; it's merely a step to evaluate the idea or invention.
  2. Study of Invention Requirements: To develop an invention in Madrid, it's crucial that we understand the idea. Therefore, we'll have an online meeting at our engineering office in Madrid to take note of the requirements.
  3. Submission of the Quote: Having understood the product design details, we'll be able to send a quote for product design. We'll provide you with all the necessary details.
  4. Activation of the Process: Upon approval, we'll be delighted to proceed with the development of the invention. You'll be involved in the product design process, validating each step. We'll be able to optimize your idea and reach a functional prototype that allows you to take the next steps.

Industrial Designers in Madrid.

In terms of patent protection, more than 90% of industrial designs in Madrid are approved by the Patent and Trademark Office. In total, from 2013 to 2022, 3179 inventions have been registered as industrial designs in Madrid.

Additionally, the pace of granting product designs in Madrid has remained stable during the same period.

Diseños industriales Madrid

Top 10 industrial design firms in Spain

Almost 30% of the designs in Spain, for nearly 10 years, are registrations of product designs in Madrid, followed by the community of inventors in Barcelona and the network of innovation companies in Alicante.

Without a doubt, Madrid is a great place to start businesses based on the launch of innovative products. The development of Madrid as an inventor ecosystem has also fostered a very strong network of product manufacturing companies in Madrid. In the case of Let's Prototype, we have decided to position ourselves at the beginning of the product development process in Madrid, accompanying the inventor from idea development, designing products to manufacturing prototypes in Madrid.

Top 10 diseños Industriales en España

To patent an invention in Madrid

According to official data from the Madrid Patent and Trademark Office, in Madrid, 3433 invention patents have been registered between 2013 and 2020. The ecosystem of inventors in Madrid, in addition to being leaders in industrial design registration, is also prominent in registering innovation patents.

Before patenting an invention, it is important to complete the product design stage and it is also advisable to manufacture the functional prototype. This way, you can define the innovation claims of the invention more accurately.

As a product design company in Madrid, we can accompany you throughout the entire process, so that you can register a patent for your invention that truly brings innovation and can be profitable.

Utility Models in Madrid

The Utility Model is the most common method of invention protection in Spain. Between Madrid and Barcelona, they account for more than 50% of the Utility Model grants in Spain. Specifically, 26% of the Utility Models granted by the Office of Patents and Trademarks are requests for invention protection in Madrid.

Before registering a Utility Model in Madrid, it is important to consider other possibilities or methods to protect the invention. At Let's Prototype, besides being experts in product design, we can help you define the steps to patent the invention.


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Our mission is to bring your ideas to life. With our team of product developers in Madrid, we can turn your dreams into reality.

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