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Industrial design agency in Barcelona

The product design in Barcelona is notable for being one of the most frequent services in our innovation laboratory, Let's Prototype. We handle a significant volume of projects related to innovative inventions in that area, promoted by individual inventors and innovation departments of medium and large companies.

To support inventors who require product design companies in Barcelona, we have a remote working method from our laboratory, which allows inventors to be closely linked week by week to the process of product innovation.

"Product design process in Barcelona"

Fortunately, to design an innovative product physical proximity is not necessary, so much so that from our laboratory we handle requests for manufacturing inventions from Barcelona, as well as clients from all over Europe and the United States. To this end, we have a work method certified with ISO 9001 quality standards, whose operation is fully validated.

Step 1 – Analysis of the invention idea in Barcelona: 

After signing a digital confidentiality agreement, you can meet with a product design expert in Barcelona. The purpose of this communication is to understand the details of the problem that the innovative product aims to solve. Identify the background of the product and outline the protection strategy or patent in Barcelona, if necessary.

Step 2 – Development of engineering projects in Barcelona and budgeting:

Our team of product developers in Barcelona will develop a phased plan as deemed appropriate for developing inventions. At the same time, a document summarizing the prices and scope of each of the services associated with the process of designing a product will be delivered.

Step 3 – Co-creation of product in Barcelona:

Once the product design contract and prototype manufacturing are in place, the product design team in Barcelona will be able to determine the critical parts of the invention and outline improvement proposals on the inventor's own idea. Taking into account our own product development method, we will address each challenge independently and design proposals for each of the challenges, which will also be tested and validated in our own laboratory. The inventor client will be part of the process, proposing their vision and evaluating the different solutions that the team of innovative product manufacturers in Barcelona deem appropriate. In this way, an optimal prototype that meets the inventor's expectations will be achieved.

Step 4 – Prototype manufacturing in Barcelona

Taking as reference all the details, mechanism designs and selection of components that will be part of the prototype, the manufacture of the product proceeds, which will be physically validated and in each of the technical requirements by the inventor client or the innovation company in Barcelona. Many of the clients we serve are in Barcelona, so Let´s Prototype, despite being in Madrid, is a leading company in product design in Barcelona.

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Industrial Design in Barcelona

21% of the registrations in industrial property through the patent and trademark office, are Industrial Designs in Barcelona. Barcelona represents the second force in the development of innovative projects, so it should not surprise us that it occupies such a significant position in proposals for creating innovative products.

The maturity of the ecosystem of product design agencies in Barcelona as well as of prototype manufacturing laboratories in Barcelona, allows local entrepreneurs to reach a successful outcome with their projects with some agility.

Top 10 diseños Industriales en España

Patenting an Invention in Barcelona

From 2013 to 2022, 2489 patents were registered in Barcelona. The number of patent registrations is undoubtedly an indicator of the innovative potential and maturity of the ecosystem of inventors and entrepreneurs in Barcelona.

Unlike protection through industrial design or Utility Models, patents represent the most complex method for protecting an idea, therefore, the position that Barcelona holds in the development of innovative products is even more meritorious.

Whether you are an individual inventor or part of an innovation department, we can offer you our product design service in Barcelona.

Concesiones de patentes en Madrid

Utility Models in Barcelona.

Spanish inventors, increasingly, choose the Utility Model registration as an alternative to protect inventions. The ease of the examination process at the patent and trademark office.

Registering a Utility Model in Barcelona is not an uncommon practice. The patent and trademark office in Barcelona ranks second in the number of Utility Models granted. Specifically, 25% of the Utility Models registered are from Barcelona, followed by the province of Valencia and, surprisingly, by Burgos.

Modelos de Utilidad Madrid

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We can design products and manufacture prototypes in Barcelona

Inventor, you're not alone. We work hand in hand with the ecosystem of innovation companies in Barcelona. If you want us to help you create an innovative product, we're at your disposal. 

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