método para lanzar un invento al mercado

Lean Prototyping method

Inventors also have a method. Lean Prototyping.

“…the idea is my thing, but I’m new at this …” Without a doubt, this was the most common phrase among the inventors with whom we’ve spoken in the last 24 months. That we should roll up our sleeves to finally develop a clear method that guides inventors throughout the entire process. From the idea to the working product that is feasible for the market.

prototipos electrónicos

Methodology for manufacturing electronic prototypes

Does your prototype require electronic elements? If so, the short-term goal is not to get the best price for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) like hotcakes. It is essential to have iteration capability in circuits and component selection. This way, we will not only end up with electronic prototypes that work, but we’ll ensure that they are feasible in the immediate future.