Prototypes for road safety

Leveraging our experience in electronic prototype development, software development and data analysis models, multiple solutions have been manufactured to increase road safety on our highways.

Prototypes for road safety are technological solutions that, by automatically detecting risk situations, intend to minimize the number of accidents, as well as their seriousness.

Let' Prototype professional footprint as a prototyping laboratory is owing in large part to the design and manufacturing of multiple prototypes for road safety:

Design and manufacturing of electronic devices capable of capturing vehicle data and detecting risk situations, based on the parameters sent. 

Design and development of electronic prototypes capable of detecting risk situations, incidents, accidents and of notifying these situations, in turn, to the interested parties and emergency services. 

Design and development of mobile apps, of use for monitoring vehicle status based on data collected by the vehicle’s own built-in diagnostic systems. 

Design and manufacturing of electronic prototypes intended to minimize the risks faced by law enforcement officers during the process of detaining individuals driving motor vehicles.

Creation of prototypes for road safety, consisting of prevention alarm systems for vulnerable users on the road.

Manufacturing of electromechanical solutions to activate different roadway signal systems, of use to issue alerts regarding existing danger situations.

Design and manufacturing of electronic elements, of use to increase the possibilities of vehicle visualization on the road. 

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