Prototypes for restaurants and hotels

The automation of processes in low-margin businesses, as those related to the restaurant industry may be, are a source of prototype manufacturing projects and processes for our laboratory. In the last decade, we have identified a significant uptick in the submittal of utility models and patents related to products intended to automate the most critical processes in these industries.

Let' Prototype experience designing prototypes for restaurants and hotels is based primarily on:

Technologies of use to track, in real time, the consumption of products by users, so that manufacturing systems update automatically and the margin of error of human communication is reduced.

Manufacturing of prototypes for restaurants and hotels, capable of automating processes related to cleaning and housekeeping in establishments of this type.

Electronic devices and development of software of use for the management of orders by clients. 

Design and development of prototypes capable of emulating processes currently carried out by human beings, especially prototypes to move and transport tools.

Development of IOT solutions and sensors, capable of notifying about the status of certain products, as well as their location.

Design and manufacturing of food preparation robots. 

Design and manufacturing of robots to automate food packaging. 

Design and manufacturing of robot parts of use in the restaurant sector.

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