Prototypes for sports

The increased efficiency of athletes is closely related to the level of personalization of their training systems. This level of personalization is only possible if there are accurate data available regarding athletes’ behavior in their training sessions and competitions. 

At Let' Prototype, we have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of working prototypes in the sports world. Specifically, we’ve manufactured sports prototypes that document data required for the development of personalized training programs. These, in turn, make it possible to accelerate athletes’ development.

Capabilities such as the design and manufacturing of software solutions, mobile apps, and the design of mathematical models and manufacturing of electronic prototypes to capture pertinent data are among the most commonplace capabilities in these sports prototype manufacturing processes.

Our experience in developing sports prototypes is based on:

Incorporation of systems to capture and send images in real time, as well as transmit such content in real time, through latest-generation communication protocols. 

Design and manufacturing of electronic devices, for use in martial arts sports, that are able to capture the most relevant data in sports practice sessions. 

Sensorization of athletes from various disciplines, for the purpose of developing predictive models and data that are useful to improve the level of efficiency of training processes. 

Sensorization of sports spaces or scenarios, in order to capture and analyze an athlete’s data, as well as data of his behavior in the space. Information that has been relevant to the design of training programs and of significant importance in sports disciplines.

Design and development of textile solutions applicable to the sports world. Design and development of sports prototypes built into smart footwear and apparel.

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