Medical prototypes

After several years working together with university research teams and some of the largest medical supplies distribution companies, our technical team has developed fundamental skills and capabilities enabling us to work on the development of medical prototypes, with industry-defined requirements, according to each case. At Let's Prototype, we have methods and tools that are useful in defining, manufacturing and testing medical prototypes. In the health sector, we have overcome challenges such as:

Manufacturing of cylindrical elements, reinforced hoses and other supplies needed in intensive care units and operating rooms. 

Design and manufacturing of medical prototypes related to diagnostic tools. Use of biocompatible materials capable of successfully passing several mechanical tests.

Manufacturing of tools for hospital use that support the most critical configurations within an autoclave. 

Development of supplies for recycling and treating waste posing a biocontamination risk. 

Development of prototypes requiring the application of fluid mechanics. 

Design and manufacturing of innovative gadgets, of use in fungible medical material for hospital use. 

Development of sensors and diagnostic tools, of use in determining patients’ motor condition. 

Design and development of mathematical models, of use in analyzing the motor condition of patients assessed. 

Integration of sensors widely available in the marketplace to develop comprehensive solutions, of use in diagnosing the motor condition of patients with acquired brain injuries. 

Design and development of mobile apps, of use for cognitive rehabilitation therapies. 

Development of virtual games, monitored by sensors, to facilitate motor rehabilitation, speech and cognitive therapies, likewise monitored by sensors.

Manufacturing of medical prototypes for the integration of improvements, registered in a patent, that substantially transform elements linked to endotracheal tubes, which required the application of thermoshaped techniques with ultra-fine membranes, disinfection with ultraviolet light, design and mechanical development of the tube with specific shapes and reinforcements, as well as treatment with special foams for medical use. 

At Let's Prototype, we co-create solutions with medical equipment, put technology at your service, but, above all, we offer our creativity so that medical prototypes that appear impossible outside of industrial processes can see the light of day without assuming unnecessary risks. We also manufacture pre-series or replicas of these prototypes, so that the industry receives them with the necessary technical validations. 

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