IOT prototypes

In the last few years, there has been a very significant uptick in the number of requests for IOT prototypes submitted by our clients, both by private inventors as well as by innovation teams of major companies.

Don’t know if your prototype is classifiable as an IOT prototype?

The term IOT means “Internet of Things,” which, in turn, includes any logic interconnecting devices via the Internet, enabling a flow of key information for the development of multiple business models. 

Let’s take the cigar humidor as an example, which has been traditionally used to maintain optimal temperature and relative humidity conditions so as to conserve special cigars. That same humidor could be made into an IOT prototype. We could outfit it with sensors allowing us to measure both indicators, connect the humidor to the Internet and obtain, via an app or a website, the information needed to monitor the humidity and temperature inside the humidor. Of course, we could incorporate mechanisms allowing us to proactively vary those parameters, likewise from our app.

We’re sure you must be aware of the following:

  1. Major companies that sell their products via retail channels lose information regarding the customer-product ratio; these types of interconnected gadgets could contribute data that has never been tracked. 
  2. The continuous flow of information makes it possible to develop new business models, since providers will be informed about how their products are consumed. 
  3. Using IOT logic as a starting point, multiple solutions are developed which may be applied in any industry, enabling decision-making and action related to gadgets or systems. These actions normally translate into increased efficiency, productivity and cost optimization. 

At Let's Prototype, we have extensive experience manufacturing IOT prototypes, we take part in analyzing the problem if necessary, but, most importantly, we have the capabilities (in-house) required to develop any IOT logic. The integration of capabilities such as: design and manufacturing of parts, electronics, telecommunications and software development allows us to iterate solutions very quickly, without losing sight at any time of the client’s vision.

In the last few months, we have faced challenges such as:

Development of gadgets capable of identifying cyclist accidents and automatically notifying emergency systems and vehicles entering the risk zone. 

Electronic devices with their pertinent mobile apps to decelerate motor vehicles.

Installation of sensors and development of logic at the software level, capable of identifying situations requiring action on the part of robots or humans. 

Development of AgroClimate stations capable of identifying emergency situations that put crops at risk. Monitoring of the situation and activation of protocols from mobile devices. 

Identification of changes in the condition of different crops through changes in the color of some specific areas of the plant, as well as development of a system of notifications and actuators via a mobile device. 

Development of lighting systems with very specific features which are controlled based on payments and selections activated from mobile apps. 

Behavior analysis of high-performance athletes, sending of information to mobile apps, as well as development of mathematical models that make it possible to adjust goals tailored to each athlete. 

Inclusion of microelectronics in certain components capable of sending traceability data on a platform, thereby facilitating product analysis within a cold chain. 

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