Industrial robot prototypes

As part of our professional footprint of working hand-in-hand with medium and large companies, we develop industrial solutions of use for the automation of processes that, up to this time, have not become widespread in the marketplace. It should be noted that at Let's Prototype we do not specialize in third-party technology implementation processes; our key activity in terms of industrial robot prototypes consists of analyzing processes that can be automated, in order to analyze and, as applicable, manufacture solutions that enable the testing of said robots’ functions in a reduced period of time. This capability allows our industrial clients to support competitive advantages in a sector in which it is increasingly harder to compete.

Our industrial robot prototype research and manufacturing line also works together with productivity consultants who design robot solutions that are subsequently analyzed and, if applicable, manufactured by Let's Prototype.

Our professional footprint in terms of manufacturing industrial robot prototypes has required that we:

Include automatic and periodic quality testing of production lines that have already been roboticized. 

Develop robots to automate and control the cleaning of industrial spaces, where hygiene was a critical element. 

Conduct an engineering study and subsequently manufacture industrial robot prototypes capable of returning to a surface, in real time, any elements extracted from such surface during cleaning processes.

Develop industrial robot prototypes capable of polishing and disinfecting any type of mobile device.

Industrial robot prototypes with different uses, such as: bending wires into specific shapes, making secure knots with special cords by automated means, packing products, cleaning electronic devices, automating food preparation processes, automated systems for tracking products.

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