Furniture prototypes

Sustainability and customization are the main drivers or priorities of inventors and companies with whom we have worked on the design and manufacturing of furniture prototypes. In this sector, the main challenges taken on by Let's Prototypehave focused on:

Manufacturing of customizable furniture, so that the user can refresh the appearance of his home furnishings without having to replace them. This furniture prototype entails a thorough analysis of different alternatives to achieve an excellent user experience.

Working with wood veneers and organic materials less than 1/32” (1 mm) thick. 

Creation of furniture prototypes in keeping with sustainable principles.

Design of parts and mechanisms enabling the transformation of prototypes based on available space and users’ needs.

Generally, we’ve worked with private inventors and SMEs with innovative proposals in the world of interior design. As a whole, all have found Let's Prototype to be the right partner to manufacture their furniture prototypes, as well as to obtain solutions related to these prototypes that make it possible not only to demonstrate their technical feasibility, but also the technical documentation required for an efficient industrialization process.

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