Toy prototypes

At Let's Prototype, we have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of toy prototypes. Toy regulatory compliance is a critical factor that must be considered in the prototyping process. That’s why, when selecting a technology partner to manufacture the toy prototype, it is relevant to achieve its functions without foregoing the criteria governed by said standards and regulations.

Among the challenges which Let's Prototype has successfully taken on regarding the design and manufacturing of toy prototypes are:

Analysis of gaming logic for the purpose of inserting logic software that motivates kids in math learning processes. 

Design and development of software, specifically for apps linked to kids’ games. 

Design and creation of toys linked to children’s media characters. 

Design and development of prototypes of children’s character costumes, including electronic and lighting elements in them, as well. 

Design and development of toy prototypes of use in learning about basic electronics principles. 

Design and manufacturing of technology notebooks for use in early childhood and elementary education. 

Design and manufacturing of board game prototypes for kids from 0 to 3 years of age. 

Manufacturing of toy prototypes whose purpose is to support children’s motor development skills, as well as improve their sports performance in disciplines as widespread as soccer or football. 

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