Household appliance prototypes

The last few years have seen a true revolution in terms of the innovation and development of new products that share the common purpose of making people’s lives much easier. The increase in patents and utility models related to gadgets for the home and household appliance prototypes has impacted the experience of Let's Prototype technical team.

Specifically, as regards the design and manufacturing of household appliance prototypes, we have worked in the following areas:

Machines for use in recycling and sorting responsibly. 

Autonomous devices for use in cleaning the home, with liquid dispensing systems and auto-checking of cleaning quality. 

Devices for use in the kitchen, capable of preparing foods or automating the most critical processes of preparation of some foods, such as sushi.

Design and development of prototypes capable of optimizing juicing, as well as the inclusion of logic enabling the devices to self-clean.

Manufacturing of household appliance prototypes for use as decorative, lighting and basic feature control elements in smart home solutions.

Feasibility analysis studies and engineering projects related to prototypes capable of automating laundry sanitizing-related processes.

Manufacturing of smart devices capable of understanding customer behavior, especially through their relationship with the refrigerator and other household devices.

Development of prototypes for use in sensorization of household appliances and home environments, to maintain systems for active monitoring of vulnerable individuals. 

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