Power generator prototypes

During the last decade, as a result of high energy prices and exceedingly heavy dependency on fossil fuels, initiatives have arisen with the prime objective of leveraging any type of movement, in any environment, to generate energy through new processes. The fact of the matter is that most inventors who propose power generator prototypes commit a common mistake, which is legally registering their solutions through utility models, without having evidence that they work. Likewise, they accept budget quotes to manufacture their power generator prototypes without the engineering teams assuming any responsibility for delivering a working prototype.

Aiming to dilute the risk assumed by inventors in processes of this type, Let' Prototype has a special program in place to conduct technical feasibility studies of power generator prototypes. In these studies, the objective is to digitally simulate several real-life scenarios, thereby obtaining concrete data on power generating capacity, variations based on changes in the scenarios, and validating any hypothesis directly affecting the possible working of the power generator prototypes.

Far from considering that a feasibility study represents an additional or superfluous expense, the total opposite is true. The feasibility study makes it possible to immediately arrive at real conclusions regarding generator prototypes and, consequently, will represent a considerable savings in the manufacturing of the future prototype, should it be feasible.

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